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Boomerang has been so helpful with business and personal printing needs!  They are fast and affordable.  Would recommend over any of the big chain printing companies. — Kymber Sanden

Fast turnaround and friendly service. I walked in while they were busy and they printed off my small order without even charging me. Much better experience than I’ve had at other print stores in both speed and customer experience. I’ll definitely be returning. — Austin Whitaker

Excellent service! Helpful and friendly staff. Quick turnaround with excellent quality and very reasonable prices. Had a non-profit project and they were very generous. — Kara Alee

The entire staff is amazing! Their focus is Quality for their customers. “Hearts of Gold”.  I have got to watch them in action, from the beginning to the finished product and all I can say is they are an Awesome TEAM. Thank you! — Cheryl Freeman

FIVE STAR PRINTING!  They have always been able to accommodate rush orders and special products with impeccable customer service. I have been incredibly impressed with the quality and service. Will never use another big corporate company over Boomerang. — Kymber Sanden

My company has used Boomerang for most of our printing needs and we could not be happier! They are so friendly and prompt, everything is on time and they go out of their way to make sure we have our stuff when we need it. — Tulsa Dental Implants and Periodontics

Everyone at Boomerang is friendly, knowledgable and their dedication to customer service is truly top-notch! Their prices are very reasonable and the quality is always perfect. You will feel like family when you walk in! Thank you for all of your hard work. — Sally Roper

I used Boomerrang printing for graduation invites, wedding itineraries, welcome wedding letters (they made them into door hangers for me!), placement cards, banners, and thank you cards.  FABULOUS service and the costs are VERY reasonable. — Cindy

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Meet the Team

Aaron Vann

Aaron was born in Tulsa and raised in Verdigris, Oklahoma. He now lives in Tulsa and loves everything about Tulsa, including the music, the cuisine, and the people. Aaron came to Boomerang in 2015 as a part-time delivery driver and has worked his way up to the position of Sales Manager, largely due to his industrious nature and his continuous pursuit of knowledge. “Driven” is a word that is often used to describe Aaron. At Boomerang, he leads the sales team with a simple vision – to exceed the expectations of our customers every single time. Away from Boomerang, Aaron enjoys spending time with family, friends, and his Golden Retriever Mowgli.

Ashton Vann

Ashton was born in Tulsa and grew up in Verdigris, Oklahoma. She completed her primary and secondary schooling in Verdigris Public Schools, then moved on to Rogers State College and, eventually, Tulsa Community College, where she earned a Liberal Arts degree. She has worked at Boomerang since 2012 and has been the Production Manager since 2014. She currently lives in Tulsa with her two cats, Ollie and Penny. Ashton’s friends have always described her as “funny,” and as a joy to be around. When not lighting up Boomerang’s shop with her presence, Ashton loves hanging out with her family and friends, going to concerts, traveling, and just enjoying being a Tulsan.

Alton Vann

Alton was born in Tulsa and raised in Verdigris, Oklahoma. He began working at Boomerang in 2018 and quickly became an asset to the company. Alton currently lives in Owasso with his adorable Labradoodle, Theodore. He is a strong member of the Boomerang sales team who is gifted with the ability to lighten up the mood in almost any situation. Away from Boomerang, Alton enjoys playing basketball and spending time with family, friends, and, of course, Theodore. He has a passion for helping people and is happy to be a part of the Boomerang family.

Ryan Geisler

Ryan moved to Tulsa from Arkansas in 2011 to start a new career in the fast paced and exciting field of digital printing at Boomerang Printing. For Ryan, the move was a life-changing Godsend! For Boomerang, Ryan’s move turned out to be one of the most significant steps in our continuing journey of growth and success. Ryan thanks God for Boomerang Printing, saying, “it was just the right fit to help get my feet on solid ground and to bring balance to my life!” Since that time, Ryan has become experienced in quoting and in graphic design, and has mastered most of the main functions of production, including pre-press, digital print, envelope printing, and cutting. In short, he has become the most versatile member of the Boomerang team. If you visit Boomerang often, you may notice that Ryan is almost always happy.  When not at Boomerang, Ryan enjoys spending time with family and friends, volunteering at church, and watching movies.

Brian Jewell

Brian originally joined the Boomerang team in 2015 and was quickly given the nickname, “School,” because his full name of Brian Scott Jewell kept sounding like Brian School. Initially, Brian had no experience in the printing industry and no knowledge of bindery. Since then, he has become an elite-level cutter and Boomerang’s bindery expert. Brian loves this role as well as his even more important role – that of a Christian in the workplace. He enjoys being able to contribute to and promote Boomerang’s mission, and loves being able to witness first-hand the unique relationship that Boomerang has developed with many of its customers. Brian lives in Tulsa with his wife, Rachel.  Outside of Boomerang, he is a devoted husband and the lead pastor/missionary of an outreach ministry, dedicated to reaching the people of our great city with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Kalon Stephens

Kalon was born in Tulsa and raised in Sand Springs, where he attended Sand Springs Public Schools. After high school, Kalon enrolled at Tulsa Technology Center in order to study Graphic Arts. From there, he joined the Boomerang team in 2016 and has since learned how to perform a wide variety of functions in the printing industry. Kalon is very laid-back and stays calm even when the environment at Boomerang gets a little hectic. Outside of work, Kalon enjoys basketball, golf, and any form of digital entertainment (games, movies, music, etc.), as well as live music.

Makenna Wilson

Makenna (Mak) was born in Tulsa and raised in the Tulsa area.  She graduated from Edison High School in 2016 and has been attending Tulsa Community College since.  While in high school, she attended a 2-year class on 3D animation and quickly realized that she had found her calling. She is a true art and graphic design enthusiast. She joined Boomerang as a delivery driver in 2019 and is proud of the fact that she does a lot of the heavy lifting around the shop despite being one of the smaller team members. Makenna is creative, easygoing, and somewhat cerebral. She lives in Tulsa with her partner, Jay, and their cats. In her down time, she loves to draw and to play video games. She hopes to one day publish her own comic book.

Mallorie Adams

Mallorie was born in Lexington, Kentucky, and grew up on a horse farm in Verdigris, Oklahoma. She is former college soccer player and a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps. In addition to Kentucky and Oklahoma, Mallorie has spent time living in Kansas, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and California. She moved to Tulsa and joined the Boomerang team in 2018. Mallorie is full of energy and eternally helpful. She lives in Tulsa with her beloved dog, Mila. Away from Boomerang, she enjoys going to concerts, playing sports (especially soccer), and pretty much anything outdoors. She loves animals, is passionate about helping others, and is always up to trying new things.

Becca Howell

Becca was born in Missouri and raised in Oklahoma. She came to Boomerang as a graphic designer and press operator in 2018 from the deadline-driven world of daily news, and has since become a vital member of Boomerang’s production team. Becca loves to learn new things and seeks to expand her knowledge on a daily basis. She is always positive, always professional, and frequently very funny. Becca lives in Tulsa, enjoys ballroom dancing and is an accomplished blues and rock singer.

Frostie Uhles

Frostie is a writer, a digital layout artist, and a 2019 Skills USA State Champion. She studied Production Printing at Tulsa Technology Center and is currently working, as an honor student, toward her bachelor’s degree in English. Frostie is passionate about the world of publishing, and is happy to be a part of the Boomerang family.    

R​achel Abert

Rachel is Boomerang’s lead graphic designer, prepress technician, and press operator. She learned Print Production and Visual Graphic Design at Tulsa Technology Center. Rachel began working at Boomerang in 2018 and began to shine almost immediately due to her undeniable talent as a graphic designer, her meticulous attention to detail, and her keen eye for quality. She quickly transitioned into a leadership role and has continued to excel. Rachel regularly presents ideas for improving Boomerang’s processes and for making the jobs of her co-workers easier. Those who know her describe her as clever and thoughtful. Rachel lives in Broken Arrow and, in her free time, enjoys baking and participating in collaborative storytelling with friends.

Ken Wilson

Ken was born in Tulsa and raised in various towns and cities throughout Oklahoma and Texas. He has a bachelor’s degree in anthropology, a master’s degree in business, and is also a veteran of the U.S. Navy. Ken has worked in finance and accounting for much of his career, but also has experience in various levels of operations and management. He has lived in a quite a few different locations throughout his adult life, including San Francisco, CA; Boulder, CO; and Hawaii, but he eventually found his way back to Tulsa, where he currently lives with his wonderful wife, Judith. Together, he and Judith raised five kids and are now enjoying an empty nest. They love to spend time together exploring Tulsa, traveling, or hanging out with their family.

Tom Wilson

Tom is the owner of Boomerang Printing.  He is a 4th generation printer with over 35 years of industry experience under his belt. He was born in Tulsa, but grew up in a number of small towns throughout Oklahoma and Texas. He started in the printing industry in Houston, Texas at an early age, and quickly became an expert press operator. He gained valuable experience at several print shops over the next two decades before returning to Tulsa in 2003. He spent a couple of years familiarizing himself with the Tulsa printing scene, then opened Boomerang for business in 2007. He is proud to say that customers have been coming back ever since. Tom wants customers, vendors, employees, and other partners to know that Boomerang Printing is God’s company and that its success is all made possible by Him. Away from Boomerang, Tom enjoys golf, cigars, music, and sports.

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